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Friday, 22 October 2010 12:03


What is cause marketing? Why should my non-profit organization be interested?

Cause marketing is a collaborative effort between a non-profit organization and a company. Cause marketing creates mutual benefit for both partners, typically assisting the company with marketing/branding efforts, and providing funds/awareness for the non-profit to accomplish its mission.


Cause marketing has been around since the late 1960's, but recent market conditions affecting both non-profits organizations and for-profit companies have brought new emphasis to the utility and versatility of cause marketing. From a company's perspective, the recent economic downturn has made traditional advertising and marketing projects less affordable. Costs for print, radio and television advertising opportunities haven't declined in proportion to the reduced return on investment they offer. Simply, ads don't cost a lot less, and broke consumers are vastly less likely to be swayed by them. Complicating the reduced return on investment traditional advertising offers, the marketplace is increasingly competitive. Within any category, a profusion of brands and products jostle for consumer attention, making it harder to catch a customer's eye.

From a non-profit's perspective, declines in income and increases in commodity prices have reduced discretionary spending. With fewer dollars in wallets, people are less likely to make donations to even non-profit causes they are passionate about.

This convergence of challenge, with the potential to negatively impact both non-profit organizations and companies, also represents an important opportunity for collaboration. By entering a cause-marketing partnership, companies and non-profits can work together to attack the challenges they can't face alone. Cause marketing is a powerful tool for non-profit organizations to raise funds for program expenses and and a potent way for companies to reach new customers.

Cause-Marketing relationships don't happen on their own, and often require expertise not native to either of the partners. Cause-Connections Consulting Services provides impartial expertise in cause marketing and can assist companies and non-profits alike in finding partners, establishing new relationships and optimizing existing cause-marketing partnerships.

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